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About nyenyej

Who is NyenyeJ ?

I am an innovator. I am the one who looks beyond limit to create possibilities. 

I am EXTRAORDINARY, and I want you to realize your Super Power!


My goal in life is to present people with opportunities. I want to help them not only achieve, but I want them to realize that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! 

I am a living testament that obstacles are only temporary and that success can be a permanent fixture in your life.  


I am a wife, mother, nurse, entrepreneur, and visionary that is dedicated to creating SUCCESS.  Let me help ypu get to the next level with Faith Based teachings, workshops, and more. You will not be the same after a session with me. Improve your marriage, your relationship with your children, your relationship with YOURSELF....TOGETHER WE CAN !!


Morning Meditation: Not By Sight

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Speaker for hire

Allow me to Speak Into Your Life


The Lord has blessed me with the gift of gab, but not just for idle talk . He has gifted me with discernment to speak words of motivation, transformation and life. 

I have spoken as keynote speaker a several events from prayer breakfast to Youth Conferences. I have even put on my own Relationship Conference!!! So no matter what the need from Emcee to Prayer Warrior to Speaker for the main Event , I  am here for you. 

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Morning Meditation


I am a prayer warrior.  Every Monday thru Friday at 5:30 am I offer a simple Bible based lesson and prayer. together we give God the firs fruits of our day, We offering God our very best. So join us as we seek God first thing in the morning. See you there. NyenyeJ

FB: Nyenye Jordan 

Self Care


The first part of extraordinary relationships is self care. You must be healthy within in order to establish good healthy relationships with others. This Ebook is FREE for a limited time. Discover what self care is really about.